In the news: A Diagnostic Dilemma


A sepsis thought leadership article from Richard Brandon PhD, CTO at Immunexpress has just been published in IDTransmission. Sepsis takes a heavy toll on society, causing millions of fatalities worldwide per year and costing upwards of US$50 billion yearly in the US alone. Sepsis can develop from viral, bacterial, and even fungal infections, but bacterial…

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In the news: Immunexpress SeptiCyte in Healthcare IT Today

Healthcare IT Today

From the article Better Health Care Tests, Faster, by Andy Oram, posted on Healthcare IT Today More Accurate Detection of Sepsis Sepsis is one of the most dreaded hospital-spawned conditions: It’s common and can quickly be fatal. According to Dr. Rolland Carlson, CEO of Immunexpress, a sepsis diagnosis often takes 24 hours—far too long for…

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In the news: Why Better Sepsis Diagnosis Results in Better Outcomes at CLP

Image from the CLP article

Why Better Sepsis Diagnosis Results in Better Outcomes From the CLP article by By Silvia Cermelli, PhD, and Prashant Wani, PhD: Making a Breakthrough in Rapid Sepsis Diagnosis Immunexpress’s SeptiCyte RAPID measures host response to differentiate sepsis from non-infectious systemic inflammation (i.e., SIRS). It is an FDA cleared test for this purpose and has a…

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