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The Sepsis Problem

Sepsis is a leading global cause of death in hospitals.

For each hour delay in diagnosis, the chance of death increases by 8%.

Sepsis is the single most expensive condition treated in US hospitals, costing more than $23bn in 2013, or 6.2% of all hospital costs.

Hospitalizations for sepsis is increasing and has more than doubled over the last 10 years.

About Sepsis

8% mortality increase with every delayed hour

Time is Critical


Overuse of antibiotics & superbug incidence is on the rise


Patients stay longer in the hospital and have more complications and procedures

Sepsis Deaths in Numbers

30-50% of all sepsis patients die.

60-80% of deaths in the developing world are caused by sepsis. 
Over 6 million infants and young children die, and 100,000 new mothers every year.

Diagnosis is often too late

Clinical symptoms are not specific, especially in children. 

However, the diagnosis is very slow.

And provides informative results in 20-40% of cases only.

The Crisis of Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance develops when doctors are forced to make treatment
decisions in the absence of rapid and reliable diagnostics. 

At the time of treatment, physicians disagree on the right treatment in 40-60% of cases
because no accurate diagnostics are available to deliver a result at this time. 

This results in the widespread overuse of antibiotics.

Leading to the generation of superbugs.

Antibiotic resistance costs the U.S. over $75 billion each year, contributing to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). 
Antimicrobial resistance is forecast to be the leading cause of global death by 2050.

The Cost of Sepsis

U.S. hospitals total over $38.1 billion each year.1 
Total costs increased by 11.9% each year from 1997-2008. 

In Germany cost has more than doubled from €25,000 to €55,000 over the last decade.

The costs related to long-term damage resulting from sepsis are unknown.


Patients with sepsis stay longer in hospital and have more complications and procedures.


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