About SeptiCyte™

The SeptiCyte™ technology rapidly quantifies specific biomarkers to aid clinicians in the early identification of infection in suspected sepsis patients. 
By testing whole blood directly, the assay is able to detect the response of the patient’s immune system to an infection earlier, faster and more accurately than finding the pathogen.

Understanding Host Response to create better diagnostic tools

Determining infection status in suspected sepsis patients has traditionally focused on finding and characterizing the invading pathogen.


Finding and characterizing the invading pathogen is often slow with no identification in the majority of suspected sepsis cases.
However, the immune system responds specifically to an invading pathogen and produces an abundant genetic signal that is reliably detected by SeptiCyte™ technology.


Specific Host Response

How to improve accuracy and accessibility to rapid clinical test results?
Do not focus only on identifying the pathogen.


The immune system holds the key to unlocking better understanding, diagnosis and treatment of patients suspected of sepsis by using the specific host response.


Immune cells contain large amounts of RNA – a measurable genetic material that is a snapshot of the immune conversation.


Using mathematical algorithms, patient’s genetic material from the septic immune response is rapidly analyzed providing actionable clinical information in 100% of suspected sepsis cases.


Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte™ LAB is the only FDA cleared test for the management of sepsis using the patient's genomic response to infection. Multi-national clinical trials have shown SeptiCyte™ to be the single most accurate test for the diagnosis of sepsis.

Accuracy and Accessibility

Minimize the chance of false negative and false positive results by combining data from a host response assay WITH pathogen information.

SeptiCyte™ host response results allow clinicians to better interpret positive and negative pathogen results.

Benefits of Early, Accurate Diagnosis


Source information on epidemiology of sepsis: World Sepsis Day

Patented Biomarkers

Immunexpress identified and validated a four-gene expression blood-based signature that discriminated viral and non-viral causes of systemic inflammation in a variety of clinical settings.
These patented biomarkers, algorithms and analysis methods are used to interpret information about the host response in order to answer specific clinical questions to help manage patients with, and suspected of, sepsis. 

Immunexpress has secured patent coverage over key inflammatory and immune whole-blood biomarkers relevant to sepsis following a series of novel large animal models of infectious disease, endotoxemia, and sepsis.

About SeptiCyte™ LAB

Immunexpress’ pipeline includes several assays for readily available instruments, including random access, point-of-care (POC) and sample-to-answer.
SeptiCyte™ LAB received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its use as an aid in differentiating infection-positive (sepsis) from infection-negative (SIRS) systemic inflammation in critically ill patients on their first day of ICU admission.
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About SeptiCyte™ RAPID

In Jan. 2018, Immunexpress entered into an agreement with Biocartis to develop and commercialize Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte™ test for use on Biocartis’ sample-to-result Idylla™ platform. The collaboration promises a fully-automated, rapid near-patient host response test that quickly provides accurate life-saving clinical information.

Biocartis’ sample-to-result Idylla™ platform