ContagionLive interview: A Rapid Sepsis Diagnostic Test for Better Patient Outcomes

Nina Cosdon of ContagionLive interviewed the chief medical officer of Immunexpress Inc., Roy Davis, MD, PhD, MHA, in a post titled A Rapid Sepsis Diagnostic Test for Better Patient Outcomes.

Sepsis diagnosis often takes days. Dr. Roy Davis and his team have developed a test that can diagnose sepsis in an hour.

Sepsis is one of the leading and most expensive causes of death in the US. The body’s extreme autoimmune response to an infection results in this life-threatening condition, and timely diagnosis and treatment are vital to prevent fatal sepsis.

“We have a test that makes the diagnosis within an hour, and allows early intervention with appropriate antibiotics and impacts mortality and morbidity,” explained Davis. In addition to improving patient outcomes, a rapid sepsis diagnostic test can improve diagnostic and antimicrobial stewardship. “It enables us to say, ‘if it’s not sepsis, I need to look for something else, if it is sepsis, I don’t need to go through all those other things that we frequently do, just in case.’”

Source: ContagionLive

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