During this COVID-19 pandemic, ICU doctors have frequently recognized that what they are observing in their severe COVID-19 patients, is in fact sepsis, defined as a life-threatening organ failure caused by a dysregulated immune response caused by infection. As a consequence Immunexpress was awarded a government contract for studies to validate the role of SeptiCyte RAPID in triaging COVID-19 patients at risk of sepsis or septic shock. On September 11th  at 12.00 pm CST, during an educational forum, specifically focused on COVID-19, Roy Davis, M.D., PhD., MHA, our Chief Medical Officer will be presenting “A Host Response Test For Sepsis & Severe COVID-19” in which he will describe the link between severe COVID-19 disease and sepsis and introduce SeptiCyte® RAPID, our host response test, to differentiate sepsis from systemic inflammatory response syndrome and the test’s potential use triage of COVID-19 patients at risk for sepsis.

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