In the news: A Diagnostic Dilemma

A sepsis thought leadership article from Richard Brandon PhD, CTO at Immunexpress has just been published in IDTransmission.

Sepsis takes a heavy toll on society, causing millions of fatalities worldwide per year and costing upwards of US$50 billion yearly in the US alone. Sepsis can develop from viral, bacterial, and even fungal infections, but bacterial infections are by far the most common cause – accounting for more than 80 percent of sepsis cases. The term is a manufactured one, and medical definitions have evolved over time; however, fundamentally, what is referred to as “sepsis” is a severe, dysregulated host immune response to infection. This severe response can be life-threatening, and the lack of tissue and organ oxygenation typically seen in sepsis can lead to organ failure and acute kidney injury.

— Richard Brandon writing in IDTransmission, 13 Jun 2023

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  1. Sandra Loferski on August 7, 2023 at 7:44 am

    Hi I have a health situation I was in a induced coma in 2021 for the month of December I’ve never heard of sepsis until I awoke from the coma. My healthcare doctors are not taking care of my situation and they keep turning me away telling me that this is anxiety that I’m having to do this to my self my blood feels really weird and it’s very dark it’s also scabs over it doesn’t have any smell to it but it turns into a bruise it’s a bite a bruise and then the scab at least for me and I have my roommate who’s looking into herself but I need help who can I go to what can I do to get somebody to help me before I get sepsis again I’m also HIV and lost and I need some direction I need to know what I can do and who’s going to listen to me with my problem nobody’s listening and nobody’s helping me do you know of anywhere I could go to get the help I need which is like probably of culture or at least some medical ears to hear what I have to say before they turn me away and tell me that I’m doing this to my own self and it’s going on 2 years now that I’ve had this problem it has now affected my mental stability

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