In the news: A Diagnostic Dilemma

A sepsis thought leadership article from Richard Brandon PhD, CTO at Immunexpress has just been published in IDTransmission.

Sepsis takes a heavy toll on society, causing millions of fatalities worldwide per year and costing upwards of US$50 billion yearly in the US alone. Sepsis can develop from viral, bacterial, and even fungal infections, but bacterial infections are by far the most common cause – accounting for more than 80 percent of sepsis cases. The term is a manufactured one, and medical definitions have evolved over time; however, fundamentally, what is referred to as “sepsis” is a severe, dysregulated host immune response to infection. This severe response can be life-threatening, and the lack of tissue and organ oxygenation typically seen in sepsis can lead to organ failure and acute kidney injury.

— Richard Brandon writing in IDTransmission, 13 Jun 2023

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