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From the article in Infection Control Today

SeptiCyte RAPID test

Sepsis is an overwhelming immune response to infection that can be life-threatening. Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte RAPID test is meant to ensure the timely and accurate diagnosis of sepsis, which is critical to allow clinicians to rapidly make correct treatment decisions that can improve prognoses and save lives. Lack of reliable sepsis diagnostics can also lead to overtreatment, overwhelmingly burdening health care systems and interfering with antibiotic stewardship efforts. As traditional methods of sepsis diagnosis require 24 to 48 hours and produce clinically actionable results for only a tiny percentage of patients, Immunexpress’ goal is to provide better diagnostic tools for sepsis to meet this pressing need.

Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte RAPID technology is based on knowledge of the host immune response and tests for dysregulation indicating sepsis using a gene expression signature. The SeptiCyte RAPID test is cleared by the FDA for clinical in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use in the United States and has been Continuing Education–marked IVD within the European Union. It can be run directly on blood samples in a single-use cartridge, producing results in approximately 1 hour via a SeptiScore, which indicates sepsis risk.

“With SeptiCyte RAPID, we are testing for the first clinical signs of sepsis and generating actionable results quickly. This is critically important because mortality risk increases by 8% as each hour goes by,” said Rollie Carlson, PhD, CEO of Immunexpress.

Source: Infection Control Today, ICT’s Product Locator: April 2023

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