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Immunexpress - the signature diagnostics for sepsis

Citeline Podcast: Trio Of Diagnostics Execs Weigh In On Upcoming Challenges

From the Citeline podcast show notes: During this episode, Barnaby Pickering is joined by Rollie Carlson, CEO of Immunexpress, developer of Septicyte, a test for sepsis, Mark McDonough, CEO of ChromaCode, a company developing multiple blood-based tests for cancer diagnosis and treatment, with its first being in non-small cell lung...

With Expanded FD A Clearance for Sepsis Test, Immunexpress Furthers Commercialization Strategy

Jan 21, 2024 | Kelsy Ketchum NEW YORK – After getting expanded clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its sepsis test, Immunexpress is continuing its commercialization path and working on further expansions for its assay. The qPCR-based SeptiCyte Rapid test first received FDA clearance in 2021 and...

“Immunexpress Nabs 510(k) Clearance for EDTA Blood-Compatible Cartridges”

Via 360Dx, " Jan 04, 2024 | staff reporter NEW YORK – Immunexpress announced Thursday that it has secured US Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) blood-compatible cartridges for use with the firm's SeptiCyte Rapid test to differentiate sepsis from infection-negative systemic inflammation. Read the rest here: 360Dx
Carlson - Mastering Medical Device podcast

Rollie Carlson on How Cross-Training and Extreme Ownership Help You Advance Your Career

Immunexpress CEO Rollie Carlson recently appeared on the Mastering Medical Device podcast. Rollie Calrson is the CEO of Immunexpress, a company that is pioneering technology that can rapidly detect sepsis. Rollie contributed to the success of Abbott Laboratories for 20 years, starting off in R&D, then transitioning to leadership positions...
Roland Carlson interview for Progress Potential Possibilities

“Improving Outcomes For Patients With Sepsis” — Interview from Progress, Potential & Possibilities "Today we have the honor of being joined by Dr Roland Carlson, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Immuneexpress which is a Seattle-based molecular diagnostic company they're committed to improving the outcomes for patients suspected of having sepsis and their FDA-cleared SeptiCyte technology is focused on rapidly quantifying...

Rollie Carlson joins the Med-Tech podcast to discuss early diagnosis of sepsis

Med-Tech's Ian Bolland interviewed Rollie Carlson, CEO of Immunexpress, about the challenges of diagnosing sepsis and the technology that is being developed to tackle it.  
Richard Brandon on PodcastDX, Episode 19

PodcastDX: Richard Brandon on Sepsis Rapid Test

Listen to the podcast:, episode S.14/E.19 Sepsis Rapid Test Show notes from the podcast Sepsis Rapid Test This week we will discuss a new rapid response test for Sepsis with one of the developers, Richard Brandon. Sepsis describes a syndrome that occurs when severe infection results in critical illness...
Image from the CLP article

In the News: Why Better Sepsis Diagnosis Results in Better Outcomes

In Clinical Lab Products, Silvia Cermelli, PhD, and Prashant Wani, PhD say "The delay in sepsis diagnosis not only increases the risk of dying by as much as 8% every hour, but misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary use of strong antibiotic therapies causing health-related burdens on patients and economic burdens on...
Big Breakthrough podcast with Richard Brandon

Slice of Healthcare’s Big Breakthrough podcast features Richard Brandon, Chief Scientific Officer At Immunexpress

  From the Slice of Healthcare podcast notes: What you’ll get out of this episode: Richard’s background Overview of Immunexpress The impact of a lack of reliable sepsis diagnostics SeptiCyte technology What’s next?

In the news: A Diagnostic Dilemma

A sepsis thought leadership article from Richard Brandon PhD, CTO at Immunexpress has just been published in IDTransmission. Sepsis takes a heavy toll on society, causing millions of fatalities worldwide per year and costing upwards of US$50 billion yearly in the US alone. Sepsis can develop from viral, bacterial, and...
Healthcare IT Today

In the news: Immunexpress SeptiCyte in Healthcare IT Today

From the article Better Health Care Tests, Faster, by Andy Oram, posted on Healthcare IT Today More Accurate Detection of Sepsis Sepsis is one of the most dreaded hospital-spawned conditions: It’s common and can quickly be fatal. According to Dr. Rolland Carlson, CEO of Immunexpress, a sepsis diagnosis often takes...
Image from the CLP article

In the news: Why Better Sepsis Diagnosis Results in Better Outcomes at CLP From the CLP article by By Silvia Cermelli, PhD, and Prashant Wani, PhD: Making a Breakthrough in Rapid Sepsis Diagnosis Immunexpress’s SeptiCyte RAPID measures host response to differentiate sepsis from non-infectious systemic inflammation (i.e., SIRS). It is an FDA cleared test for this purpose and has a one-hour turnaround...