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In the news: Septicyte RAPID test mentioned in Infection Control Today

From the article in Infection Control Today SeptiCyte RAPID test Sepsis is an overwhelming immune response to infection that can be life-threatening. Immunexpress’ SeptiCyte RAPID test is meant to ensure the timely and accurate diagnosis of sepsis, which is critical to allow clinicians to rapidly make correct treatment decisions that...
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Rollie Carlson Ph. D podcast interview with Tom Hickey of Med Tech Gurus


Immunexpress Begins US Commercialization of Sepsis Diagnostic Test

AMP 2020 Annual Meeting and Expo

At AMP 2022, Immunexpress launches rapid test for sepsis requiring two minutes hands-on time

From Leo O'Connor of At the Association for Molecular Pathology annual meeting and exposition this week, Immunexpress launched a rapid molecular diagnostic test that could enable ruling in or ruling out sepsis in one hour. The SeptiCyte Rapid test is different from almost all other sepsis tests on the market by...
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ContagionLive interview: A Rapid Sepsis Diagnostic Test for Better Patient Outcomes

Nina Cosdon of ContagionLive interviewed the chief medical officer of Immunexpress Inc., Roy Davis, MD, PhD, MHA, in a post titled A Rapid Sepsis Diagnostic Test for Better Patient Outcomes. Sepsis diagnosis often takes days. Dr. Roy Davis and his team have developed a test that can diagnose sepsis in...

CEO Rolland Carlson: When Advancing a Medical Device, Be A Partner First & Seller Second to Hospital Systems

Immunexpress CEO Rolland Carlson was recently featured on HITConsultant, which provides healthcare technology news, analysis and insights for healthcare executives, physicians and providers. "US hospital systems validate the safety, clinical utility, and robustness of newly FDA-approved devices, 510(k) cleared, before adopting them into clinical practice. This work occurs alongside evaluating...
Dr. Rollie Carlson was interviewed for Docwire News

Interview with DocWireNew: Dr. Rollie Carlson, CEO, Immunexpress: Providing RAPID Detection for Sepsis

DocWire News spoke with Dr. Rollie Carlson, CEO of Immunexpress, to learn more about this cutting-edge technology, and how it can quickly and accurately detect sepsis, and lead to faster treatment.
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Interview with Dr Rolland Carlson and Dr Richard Brandon

Download the Drug Target Review interview with Dr. Rolland Carlson and Dr. Richard Brandon.(pdf) The 2022 Drug Target Review Assays ebook, includes an interview about our sepsis detection initiative. In this collection of articles, Dr. Rolland Carlson and Dr. Richard Brandon, Immunexpress, answer questions about molecular...
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A Paradigm Shift in Sepsis Diagnostics

By Anna MacDonald of Technology Networks Immunexpress is advancing next-generation clinical sepsis diagnosis tests for use in emergency room and intensive care unit settings. The company’s lead test SeptiCyte® RAPID is clinically validated and has received 510(k) FDA clearance indicated for the diagnosis of sepsis in adults. It is the...
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Tips For Obtaining Your 510(k) FDA Clearance

By Rolland Carlson, Ph.D., CEO, Immunexpress Our SeptiCyte RAPID clinical test received 510(k) FDA clearance indicated for the diagnosis of sepsis in adults. Sepsis is a life-threatening medical condition. Every minute counts for these patients in the ER and ICU. Clinicians in these settings need processes to distinguish sepsis patients...

DNA Weekly: Discussing Sepsis Diagnosis with Immunexpress

Immunexpress is a molecular diagnostic company focused on improving outcomes for suspected sepsis patients. In this interview CEO Dr. Rollie Carlson discusses the company’s FDA-cleared sepsis diagnostic test and the value it brings to the healthcare system.
10News Brisbane

10News Brisbane

SeptiCyte RAPID is highlighted in this 10News First Brisbane interview. The country's largest pediatric sepsis study at the Queensland Children's Hospital is working on finding simple diagnostic blood tests for the 5,000 Australians a year and robs others of their limbs.