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Immunexpress Saving Lives with Improved Sepsis Diagnosis: Interview with Rolland Carlson PhD, CEO

Medgadget editor Tom Peach sat down with Dr.Carlson from Immunexpress to hear more about the company’s first FDA-approved sepsis diagnostic test, SeptiCyte, and what the future of sepsis diagnosis and treatment may look like.  
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3 Need-to-Know Leaps in Sepsis Care

Rolland Carlson, PhD, CEO of Immunexpress, discusses a different approach to the sepsis battle. Rather than passively chasing pathogens, the Company has developed a test to measure the body's specific immune response to infection by examining biomarkers in the patient's blood.

Appointments and advancements – Fayyaz Memon

Immunexpress continues executive team expansion with addition of Fayyaz Memon as VP of Regulatory Affairs & Quality.
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People in the News: Rolland Carlson, Tanja Dowe, Katleen Verleysen

Accomplished industry leaders join recently appointed CEO, Dr. Rolland Carlson, to expand on the comprehensive experience of the Board.

Appointments and advancements – Rolland Carlson, Tanja Dowe, Katleen Verleysen

Immunexpress strengthens Board of Directors with key appointments.
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Molecular Laboratory Test Can Discriminate Sepsis From Noninfectious SIRS

Design and results of clinical trials that led to FDA clearance of SeptiCyte™ LAB published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Clinical Care Medicine.

Product Briefs – SeptiCyte LAB

Immunexpress, Inc. published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Clinical Care Medicine the design and results of clinical trials validating SeptiCyte™ LAB in the discrimination of sepsis from non-infectious systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of hospitals.
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Biocartis Partnership May Enable Immunexpress to Move Sepsis Test to Point of Care

Biocartis Group NV (‘Biocartis’), an innovative molecular diagnostics company and Immunexpress have entered into a partnership agreement aimed at the development and commercialization of Immunexpress’ SeptiCypte™ test for use on Biocartis’ sample-to-result Idylla™ platform.

Brief-Biocartis & Immunexpress Partnership For A Sepsis Host Immune Response Test

Immunexpress and Biocartis enter an agreement to develop and commercialize SeptiCyte™ technology for use on sample-to-result Idylla™  platform.
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Biocartis, Immunexpress Partner to Develop Sepsis Test

Biocartis and Immunexpress partner to develop a fully automated sepsis test, allowing for fast near-patient testing, resulting in potentially life-saving clinical information.

Biocartis, Immunexpress Partner to Develop Sepsis Test

Biocartis & Immunexpress sign partnership for a sepsis host immune response test on the Idylla™ platform.
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Differentiating sepsis and systemic inflammatory response syndrome using biomarkers

An interview with Dr. Richard Brandon, Chief Scientific Officer, Immunexpress, conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt, MA (Cantab).