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Taking Down The Hospital’s Biggest Killer

By testing white blood cells and monitoring “expression biomarkers,” SeptiCyte – a proprietary technology of Immunexpress – aims to provide faster and more accurate diagnosis of sepsis. By Gregory Zeller.
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Sepsis: 2026

A plenary lecture that took a journey through how we may treat sepsis in 10 years was featured with Steven Opal (Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI, USA) stepping up to speak about the expectations, hopes and remaining challenges in the field.

Seattle biotech Immunexpress eyes up to $40M for Series C round

Seattle biotech Immunexpress is trying to raise up to $40 million in a Series C round that it plans to close by mid-year. By Rachel Nielsen.
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An Interview With Roslyn Brandon from Immunexpress

Dave sits down with Roslyn Brandon from Immunexpress at the JP Morgan Annual Health Conference. In this interview, they discuss the problems of diagnosing sepsis and their innovative solution with SeptiCyte.
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An Interview With Roy Davis from Immunexpress

Dave sits down with Roy Davis from Immunexpress while at the JP Morgan Annual Health Conference. In this video, they discuss a new diagnostic test for detecting sepsis in patients.
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Immunexpress, Collaborators Publish Clinical Validation of Host-Response Sepsis Assay

Immunexpress, Inc., committed to improving outcomes for suspected sepsis patients, announced the publication of the discovery and validation of the SeptiCyte® Lab test for sepsis in PLOS Medicine.
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Immunexpress to Submit Molecular ‘Immune Response’ Sepsis Assay to FDA in May

Immunexpress may finally be close to marketing a clinical test in the US. Having just wrapped up a key clinical trial of its first sepsis assay in around 200 ICU patients, the company plans to submit the test in May to the US Food and Drug Administration and hopes it can...

Immunexpress vying for FDA clearance of its sepsis test

When it comes right down to detecting sepsis most diagnostics companies use methods to identify the pathogen. But therein lies the issue with looking for the pathogen, because it has to be in the blood sample or the fluid sample to start with, otherwise a clinician can't find. That's where...

Immunexpress raising $40M; measures immune response to shave sepsis diagnostic time to one hour

Seattle diagnostics company Immunexpress is working to whittle sepsis screening time down to an hour – and is in the midst of a $40 million Series C to do so.