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Guard Against Sepsis In Your Chronic Heart Failure Patients

Sepsis is particularly deadly for CHF patients, and predictors of mortality include older age and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. By Christopher Cheney.

Avoidable Sepsis Infections Send Thousands Of Seniors To Gruesome Deaths

No one tracks sepsis cases closely enough to know how often these severe infections turn fatal. But the toll — both human and financial — is enormous, finds an investigation by KHN and the Chicago Tribune. By Fred Schulte and Elizabeth Lucas and Joe Mahr, Chicago Tribune.
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Sepsis: the largely unknown condition that puts one million people in the hospital each year

Sepsis is the most expensive cause of hospitalization in the US. One million patients are hospitalized for sepsis each year. This is more than the number of hospitalizations for heart attack and stroke combined. And it is deadly. Despite these grave consequences, fewer than half of Americans know what the word sepsis...

Deadly Infections Drive Billions in Hospital Bills to Medicare

Life-threatening complications from bacterial infections are on the rise among hospital patients, increasing at a double-digit rate as the population ages and costing U.S. health-care programs billions of dollars a year. Severe sepsis was the second most frequently billed diagnosis submitted by hospitals with more than 398,000 cases. By Caroline...