Rollie Carlson on How Cross-Training and Extreme Ownership Help You Advance Your Career

Immunexpress CEO Rollie Carlson recently appeared on the Mastering Medical Device podcast.

Rollie Calrson is the CEO of Immunexpress, a company that is pioneering technology that can rapidly detect sepsis. Rollie contributed to the success of Abbott Laboratories for 20 years, starting off in R&D, then transitioning to leadership positions in global businesses and start-up ventures. His attraction to start-ups led him to become CEO of Asuragen and then WaferGen Biosystems. In this episode we discuss how he prepared for new opportunities, the benefits of extreme ownership, balancing company vision and mission, alignment of everyone in a company, why sepsis is such a big problem, and what Immunexpress is doing to help clinicians better manage sepsis patients.

— Source: Mastering Medical Device Podcast

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